Jaroslava Moserova was the author of the original play on which the film, "Letter to Woollongong",  was based.

This personal recollection to her Obituary in The Times was published under Lives Remembered on April 21, 2006

Patrick Colquhoun writes: In 1990 when the legacy of communism was still strong, my Czech host introduced me to Jaroslava Moserova  (Obituary, April 10) as a person who wanted to bring integrity to public life. In the 15 years that followed, she achieved much, as doctor, member of parliament, ambassador, and later as vice-president of the Senate.

Written before the fall of communism, her play Such a Nice Boy was an allegory about the country. Fortunately the communists were too stupid to see this and it won the Best Play of the Year award for Czech National Radio in 1988.

A Letter to Wollongong was written to contribute to the healing of the divisions that, as ambassador to Canberra, she saw between the Czechs who had left for Australia and those who had stayed behind. It dealt with the issue of collaboration in a remarkable way. In 1997 the British and American ambassadors attended the Czech premiere at the British Council Theatre in Prague. All over the former communist world, many sweep the past under the carpet. The play helped people to face it honestly, and even compassionately.

For Jara the future could never work until the past had been faced honestly.



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