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Film Awards

One Word of Truth has received the following awards:

  • Red Ribbon in the 1984 American Film Festival, Literature category
  • Bronze Medal in the 1982 International Film and Television Festival of New York

Reviews & Evaluations

"Although simple in format, this is one of the most beautiful films ever made. British actor Tom Courtenay's gentle voice, with its faint undercurrent of sadness, is the perfect choice to read the moving words of Alexander Solzhenitsyn's Noble Prize acceptance speech, which the writer was never allowed to deliver.

"As Courtenay reads, there are scenes of the severe winter and forced marches of the Gulag Archipelago, historic newsreel footage of the needs and sufferings of humanity, and live action shots of artists and their works. It is a perfect melding of narration and visuals, with an almost hypnotic effect on the viewer. Surprisingly, it is a hopeful film because of Solzhenitsyn's firm belief in the power of art and literature to counter violence and apathy.

"His basic question is challenging. In a world where people have such differing values about freedom, punishment, material needs, and health care, how can we end the dissension and violence that threaten the world's existence? For Solzhenitsyn, the answer lies in literature and art because violence can only be maintained through lies. 'A courageous man does not take part in lies,' he writes, 'and writers and artists can defeat lies. Once the lie is revealed, violence is revealed in all its nakedness.'

"These are splendid words that the country should think about. At a time when violence is increasing worldwide, support for the arts is cut, schools eliminate arts programs, libraries are closed, dissenters burn books, and trillions are spent for weaponry, Solzhenitsyn's words are timely and important.

"One Word of Truth is highly recommended for mature high school students, colleges, adult groups (especially those concerned with education), and public libraries."
"Media & Methods", U.S.A., November 1984: A complete review

"This film is true to the spirit of Alexander Solzhenitsyn. It offers, as all his works do, a testament to the human spirit, which endures even in the face of dehumanizing wickedness. The more times one sees this brief film, the more powerful its impact is. I wish that every person in the so-called Free World would see this film - at least twice. It can literally change lives. Further, it encourages its viewers to read the works of this modern master of literature who inspired it." 
Edward Ericson, author of "Solzhenitsyn: The Moral Vision"

"Those of us who reviewed the tape were profoundly moved by the message and the treatment of that message. One said, 'It probes the deepest springs of art, morality, and intellect.' Another: 'The film provides a concrete lesson in objectivity. Truth emerges as a concept transcending language and the barriers of language.' Thank you for bringing One Word of Truth of our attention."
The National Education Association of the United States

"One Word of Truth video-film is one of the most powerful tools the teacher can think of in attempting to tell his or her students about the most basic human values. The young generation in all post communist countries grew up on listening to lies and learning, not only to distrust clichés, but also to distrust the values described through moral terms. Alexander Solzhenitsyn's text, read in this film in Czech by Radovan Lukavsky, purifies the beauty and strength of the language and opens simplest values even to distrusting souls."
Jan Urban, Co-founder of Civic forum, Czech Republic

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